Cone & Cup Party Menu:


This is our most requested Party Package Menu for all your private or corporate events. Our Cone & Cup Menu is for the Kid in all of us. Great for Birthday party‚Äôs Graduations or any special event you might be hosting. 

This Menu Package comes with an option to Save you even more money and have even more Fun! You receive a wide variety of menu choices with our Cone and Dixie Cup Menu. Vanilla, Chocolate & Twist ice cream with Sprinkles and Dip selections as well as a cone or cup choice.


 Mr Softee Cones-Dixies.JPG


Party Package Menu:

This Party Package gives you even more too choose from. This Menus gives you your choice of Sundaes, Soda Floats, Dixie Cups as well as all your favorite cone choices with Sprinkles or Dip. Also includes our Famous Double Cone. 





Our Classic Window Menu:

This is our Famous Full-Service classic Window Menu Package, including everything but the kitchen sink! This Menu give you choices of 5+ different Sundaes, 3 flavors of Milk Shakes, 3 Soda choices for your Soda Float.

Also included are your favorite Ice cream cones and cups with sprinkles and dips. Choices of Vanilla, Chocolate, Twist ice cream flavor choices. Rainbow & Chocolate Sprinkles, Cherry & Chocolate Dip as well as the Double Cone



Travel charge may be added depending on your location.